Wine coolers or wine racks ? How to choose ?


A wine rack is the more traditional way of storing wine. The wine rack has been in use since the history of drinking wine began. They are simply wooden or metal structures which hold your bottles of wine in an efficient, safe and easy to use way. There are a number of reasons you might still want to go for this option today, rather than splashing out on a state of the art wine cooling system.

Lovers of red wine

Red wine, as you know, is best stored at room temperature or even above. Having a wine rack outside of your fridge will therefore be optimum for storing red wines and getting the best taste out of your bottle. The rule about storing red wine ‘at room temperature’ actually originated in Europe, where temperatures are a lot hotter than they are here in the UK. This means that room temperature is actually too cold here for the perfect bottle of red. If you have a wine rack, you can store it in your warmest room, or even near to a radiator.

Having said this, some fine red wines are ideally served at as low as 14 degrees centigrade, which means that your room will be too warm. Having a wine cooler with an adjustable temperature gauge will allow you to perfect your serving temperatures, whereas a wine rack will not.

Saving Space with your wine

A wine rack can be small, and can be placed anywhere you like with no need for electricity supply. Having a wine rack on top of your fridge is a normal and convenient option. You can then easily move bottles of white wine down into your refrigerator when there is room, and serve the bottles of red straight from your wine rack. Some modern fridges have a small wine rack inside them, with space for 6-12 bottles of white, which is the perfect accompaniment to a nearby wine rack.

Stylish wine coolers

When it comes to wine racks there are a huge number of options and many are very stylish and classy. These can be in the traditional French wine cellar style, with bespoke oak panels and holding spaces, which make a classy addition to any kitchen. On the other hand there are a large number of modern wine racks available in metal and chrome. In short, there are hundreds of wine rack designs available and it will not be difficult to find one that you consider to be a pleasing addition to your kitchen.

Saving Money

Perhaps the main advantage of a wine rack over a wine cooler though, is the price. Wine racks start at as little as £10 and they are very simple and easy to buy. If you feel your fridge is going to do the job just as well as you need, then this much cheaper option is probably right for you.

For wine racks, your options are limitless when it comes to making a purchase. You can try online, or in stores such as John Lewis or Argos. If you are after a more traditional vintage feel, you can keep an eye out in antique shops or look online at vintage shops. Some posher off licenses even sell lovely wine racks. The rest of this guide will be dedicated to the more challenging task of thinking about where to buy a modern wine cooler from and how to get the best prices and deals.

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