Where to buy a Wine cooler ?


Buying a wine cooler is not difficult, but there are a lot of options for you. You might want to start online, because although stores do have wine coolers on show, they are not as common as fridges and freezers and the selection is likely to be a little limited when browsing in store.

Buying a wine cooler online

One website you should consider is Appliances Direct. They are one of the major suppliers of white goods and the range that they stock is really quite remarkable. In addition, their website is very easy to use and lists all the features of each model in bullet points so that you can easily compare between models. The website also gives you the list of prices for each model. This might sound like an obvious point, but if you use the websites of each individual brand you will find that they often hide the prices until the last minute, making it quite tricky to compare prices and make your decision.

A few in store options.

One of these is supermarkets. Sainsbury’s in fact do their own wine cooler and offer special deals and discounts on their Nectar points scheme for those buying this product. This, like the more famous and reputable wine cooler brands, will be secure and come with a secure warrantee. Furthermore, you will have a place to return your product to if you have an issues.

For cheaper options you might want to consider somewhere like Argos or Maplin. They offer a range of smaller wine cooler and mini-fridges which may do the job for you. The Argos wine coolers start at a very reasonable £75 and although they are nothing compared to some of the state of the art models discussed here, for those looking for a cheap option they may be perfectly suitable. Argos don’t just offer cheap models either. Their coolers go up to somewhere just short of the £400 mark.

For those going big, and looking at the state of the art models such as Miele, you might be better off going direct the manufacturer. They offer excellent customer service and since you will be spending a small fortune, they will look after you and ensure that you are getting all the information and support that you need.
Whether you’re going for a small wine cooler to free up a bit of space in your fridge or a huge cooler for massive dinner parties and bespoke fine wine cooling, be sure to shop around for the best prices and deals online before deciding where to purchase.

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