How to choose a washing machine?

Which washing machine size to choose? 8kg, 9kg, 10kg ? in WASHING MACHINE Which washing machine size to choose? 8kg, 9kg, 10kg ?

The final key decision to make when choosing your washing machine is the size of the drum. If you have a large family with a high turnover of washing, or if you want to regularly wash large bulky items such as towels, bedding and outdoor gear, you are likely to want to get a larger machine. Remember that there is a limit to the size of duvet the smaller machine sizes can take. Also keep in mind...

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Types of Washing Machines in WASHING MACHINE Types of Washing Machines

When you have weighed up the brands and decided which would best suit you, you still need settle on a design. There are four main types of washing machine, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. When you have read these descriptions you will be in a position to judge which design is best for you. Twin tub washing machines. Twin tub washing machines are not especially common and are...

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Washing machine brands: how to choose in WASHING MACHINE Washing machine brands: how to choose

There are many excellent brands of washing machine and the producers of white goods are among the most trusted in the household appliance industry. When deciding on a make of washing machine, remember that online reviewers will always clash over the relative merits of a given brand, but soaking up some of their arguments can often be helpful in reaching a decision. Bosch. This German make is a...

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