Which washing machine size to choose? 8kg, 9kg, 10kg ?


The final key decision to make when choosing your washing machine is the size of the drum. If you have a large family with a high turnover of washing, or if you want to regularly wash large bulky items such as towels, bedding and outdoor gear, you are likely to want to get a larger machine. Remember that there is a limit to the size of duvet the smaller machine sizes can take. Also keep in mind that the more you fill a machine up, the more likely it is that items will come out improperly cleaned: they need a little space to tumble around in there. If you live alone or as part of a couple, or if you just don’t need to clean your clothes that often, then a smaller machine may be for you. At the same time, a washing machine is not something that most of us want to purchase regularly, and if you think that a larger machine may be needed in your life in the future, it may be worth making the investment now.

An 8kg Washing Machine

A small family of three or four people can comfortably rely on an 8kg washing machine. An 8kg machine will wash around 40 t-shirts, and can safely handle a queen size duvet. Most households, if they do not produce an especially large amount of washing, can get by perfectly comfortably with an 8kg machine.

A 9kg Washing Machine

A larger family of four or five people can wash the equivalent of around 45 t-shirts in a 9kg machine. A king size duvet can be washed in a machine of this size.

A 10kg Washing Machine

A 10 kg washing machine will handle 50 t-shirts or a full set of curtains. This kind of washing machine is really for a family or group of more than five people. Any smaller than this, and you may find yourself wasting water and energy: although even larger machine can be programmed to efficiently handle smaller loads if the quality of their programming is sufficient.

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