Washing machine brands: how to choose


There are many excellent brands of washing machine and the producers of white goods are among the most trusted in the household appliance industry. When deciding on a make of washing machine, remember that online reviewers will always clash over the relative merits of a given brand, but soaking up some of their arguments can often be helpful in reaching a decision.


This German make is a byword for washing machines, and they make some of the most respected machines in the industry. Bosch washing machines are known for the eco-friendly performance, and their fast and efficient ‘easy care’ cycles.


The Italian brand Indesit’s washing machines are typically priced around £200-£350, and their combination of a affordability and a relatively sophisticated range of features makes them very popular in the UK.


Samsung make a lot of higher-end machines in the more expensive price bracket. They tend to perform well and their customer reviews show a lot of customer satisfaction, but their prices may be prohibitive for some.


LG pride themselves on their sleek and modern looking designs. Their futuristic appearance is reflected in their emphasis on state of the art programming for washes pinpointed to certain kinds of clothes. There is no research available on how many of the ever-expanding wash functions on washing machines are actually commonly used by customers, but the range of programs on LG machines will appeal to some.


Hotpoint produce a large range of affordable washing machines in the £250-£400 range. They employ different marketing for different sales platforms: so watch out for the different Hotpoint brands which seem to appear on the high street, online and with independent retailers.


Like Hotpoint, Hoover have models aimed at the lower cost end of the market, but also specialise in more dynamic and expensive machines, with quieter motors and more sophisticated plumbing. Hoover are also one of the very few manufacturers who sell top-loading washing machines in the UK (see section 3).


Candy is a smaller manufacturer with a large following online. It specialises in innovative technical features, such as the automatic ‘mix and wash’ function, which allows different colours and fabrics to be washed together safely in one wash, as well as placing an emphasis on stain removal and fast washes.


Siemens are a well-known and popular brand. They are associated with generally reliable machines with special features such as anti-vibration panels and quick wash programmes.


Zanussi are a trusted Swedish brand that offers machines starting from around the £250 mark.

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