Where to buy a waffle maker


All kinds of waffle maker typically start at around the £20 mark, going up to £40 or £50 for a really reliable home appliance. Those who demand the best might consider the renowned catering-level electric waffle irons made by Dualit: made from stainless steel, with two hotplates that can be operated individually to save energy, the Dualit waffle iron will set you back nearly £240. A waffle iron is an investment. Any health-conscious person knows that waffles are a treat rather than something to make part of a daily routine, so when we do take the waffle iron out, we want to know that it will be in working order and ready to cook with. Good quality waffle irons can be acquired for a good price if you know how to shop around. By paying attention to discounts and deals available both instore and online, it is possible to get a decent machine for a little cheaper.

Buyig a waffle maker in store

Like all cookery appliances, there are definite advantages to purchasing in store. For many of us, cookery is not just about making food, but is a therapeutic exercise in itself, taking our mind away from the trials of work, and allowing us to create something delicious for our families and friends. Waffles are a social food – a family breakfast treat – so this is particularly true of them. Shopping in store allows you to pick a waffle iron that you know you are going to be comfortable working with. It will also allow you to take expert advice from the store staff, and to compare different items – alongside their prices – there and then. To get the best prices in store, wait for the sales where you may well be able to snap up a great deal on a waffle iron.

Online purchase

More and more of our shopping is done online, and with cheaper overheads, online stores are often able to offer better deals than anywhere else. A simple search will give you an enormous range of waffle makers to choose from, often at the kind of knock-down price only the internet can provide.

Second hand

For all but the most hardcore waffle eaters, a waffle iron is, by any stretch of the imagination, a luxury item. In a frenzied clear out, or when packing to move house, a waffle iron is just the sort of item that might not make the cut. This is good news for people looking for a cheap waffle iron, because sites such as Ebay are often full of quality items at cheaper prices.

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