Where to buy a toasted sandwich maker


Toasted sandwich makers can be bought in all home appliance stores, and their websites, but are also commonly found in supermarkets. The association of the toasted sandwich maker with student living means that they are often marketed prominently at the end of the summer, in the run up to the university term. Around these times, there are often great deals to be picked up.

In store

A cheap toasted sandwich maker can be picked up for around the £20 mark. Common customer complaints about cheaper toasted sandwich makers include fragile handles and clasps, unreliable sealing of the bread (leading to the filling seeping out), and difficulty of cleaning. If you examine the product in store, you will obviously be able to anticipate a little more clearly whether the device you are purchasing is likely to have these problems. On the other hand, whereas a waffle iron is an object many of us associate with the nurturing of family life and quality time with friends, a toasted sandwich maker really is a quick and easy item of convenience. It way well be that the personal particularness many of us are likely to exhibit in choosing an item like a waffle iron doesn’t really apply in an item as nifty and thrifty as a toasted sandwich maker. If all you want is an item that will knock you up a hot cheese sandwich from time to time, you might be better off heading for the better deals online.

Buying a sandwich maker online

All major online stores will stock this perennial item, so you won’t have to look very far. While you won’t be able to examine the toasted sandwich maker first hand, you will have access to hundreds of other customer reviews, so you’ll be bale to get a pretty clear idea of what you are letting yourself in for.

Second hand

Websites selling appliances secondhand – such as Ebay and Gumtree – are usually worth checking out. You may well able to pick up a higher quality toasted sandwich maker for a fraction of the retail price. The stereotype of the unused toasted sandwich maker sat in the cupboard for years at a time also means that they are a product that people frequently decide to get rid of, particularly if they are moving or having a big clear out. That said, toasted sandwich makers can be difficult to clean. Even the most rigorous clean up can leave a sneaky bit of butter or charred cheese in the hinges. This might make the thought of picking one up secondhand a little off-putting.

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