Vacuum Cleaner : with or without a bag?


Bagless vacuum cleaner

To bag or not to bag? Bagless vacuum cleaners are generally a more expensive initial purchase, but the convenience of never having to change the bag has made them by far the most popular models on the market today. Bagless vacuum cleaners may also bring savings from all the bags you won’t be buying.

Bagless vacuum cleaners make it clear when the vacuum cleaner is filling up, so there is none of the slow realization that can come about with bagged vacuum cleaners, that the machine is full and is not working properly. You can spot quickly when this is happening and empty it.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to a bagless vacuum cleaner. All in all, owning one will put you in more direct contact with the dirt you’ve been picking up around the house with it. When emptying the vacuum cleaner, it is more likely that you will find yourself in a cloud of dust as it drops out into the bin. This can obviously be disastrous for asthma sufferers. A bagged vacuum cleaner keeps the dust sealed in much more effectively. You will also need to clean the filter considerably more frequently than you would with a bagged vacuum cleaner, as often as once a month depending on your rate of cleaning.

Bagged vacuum cleaner

A bagged vacuum cleaner is cheaper and may be more hygienic. When the vacuum cleaner is full, simply seal the bag (or if your model has the facility – let it do it for you!) and dump it in the bin. Bagged vacuum cleaners are, overall, lower maintenance. Because the dirt is held in the bag, there is little cleaning of the filter required.

The first disadvantage of a bagged vacuum cleaner is, obviously enough, the bags. There are few things more annoying than getting halfway through a big clean, only to realize that your vacuum cleaner is full but that you have not bought any replacement bags for it!
The other main disadvantage of a bagged vacuum cleaner is that they do make it difficult to notice when they are filling up. Vacuum cleaners lose a considerable amount of their suction as they fill up, so you can find yourself cleaning for some time with reduced effectiveness before realizing that the bag needs changing.

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