Replacement Remote Controls


Surely all of the readers of this article have lost a remote control at some time in their life. But what do you do when this happens? Struggle with the buttons on the side of the TV for years, getting up to change the channel and volume manually each time, or buy a replacement remote! Some TV and DVD sets actually require the remote to function, so you won’t even be able to use your products until you get a replacement remote. This part of the article will simply discuss what replacement remotes are out there and what you can do with them.

An All in One or Universal Remote

In fact, the last product discussed above, the ALL IN ONE universal remote, is a reasonable option if you lose your remote. Since its so cheap, you might decide to take this opportunity to condense your remotes into one and make your life a little easier. However, there are some things it wont do which mean you might prefer to buy a single remote.

A Sky TV Replacement Remote

If you have Sky TV or Sky Plus and you lose your remote, you might not want to get a universal remote as you will miss out on some of the buttons on your official sky remote. In this case you’ll probably want to get an actual Sky Remote in replacement. Sky sell replacement remotes for around £25 which match your sky package and are identical to the one you have lost. However, there is another option here too. Some companies such as ONE FOR ALL offer remotes that imitate the style and functions of a Sky Remote and will do most of the things your sky remote does. This is a cheaper option as you can get one of these for £15 and under. Some of them will work with several devices at once as well. They don’t quite mimic the ease of use of a Sky remote though, so if you’re attached to your original you’re better of sticking with that.

Simple Replacement Remotes

If you just want a single device remote that will turn your TV on and off and let you change the channels, volume and basic settings, there are some much cheaper options out there on the market. The best companies to consider here are ONE FOR ALL and Titan. They both offer remotes that cost under £10. The cheaper ONE FOR ALL models only work on one device at a time but they feature all the standard remote controls and will work with the vast majority of TVs. It’s a good idea to check this first with whoever you buy from in case your model is not supported. The Titan 2-in-1 model can operate on two devices at once so this might be a better option if you have a TV and a separate DVD Player. These are the cheapest remotes out there at around £9 but they are also the most basic when it comes to options and appearance.

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