Best Tumble Dryer brands


As discussed above, there are many many manufacturers of tumble dryer and there are huge price differences between one and another. This part of the article will look across the range, from the most expensive to the more basic and cheaper models, and give a few brands that you should consider in each price range.

The Top End Tumble Dryers

At the top end of the scale there are a few major manufacturers to think about. The Miele range is probably at the very top of the scale. These dryers cost a lot of money, sometimes just under £1000 or perhaps even more for the very best machines. The top Miele machines have a huge capacity for drying a lot of washing at once and can fit up to 8kg of clothes at once. They are also guaranteed not to damage the clothes because they have different settings for different clothes. The settings include specialist drying for Cottons, Delicates, Silks, Woollens and Denim. There is also an ‘express’ function for quick drying and a ‘gentle smoothing’ function to make your clothes come out straight and soft. The top machines have a much better energy rating than the cheaper ones and this is something to be aware of. A Miele machine costing £800 has an energy rating of B whereas if you are prepared to spend £1000 your dryer will have energy rating A+. This makes it more economical to run and also better for the environment.

Rival brands at the top end include Samsung, Siemens and AEG. These tend to be in the £800 mark and some are worth considering as a rival to Miele. The Siemens and AEG dryers often have energy ratings of A++ which is far better than the equivalently price Miele model. The AEG machines have a huge number of settings as well, with some having up to 16 programs to choose from.

The Mid Range Dryers

Mid Range dryers are available from the manufacturers discussed above but also from Bosch, Zanussi and Hotpoint, among others. These dryers tend to cost in the region of £350 to £550 and will usually do the job you need them for without problems. Check the energy rating of each one as this is very important. Also, check the features of each one as there may be particular advantages of some like the Zanussi models which allow you to set a time to start your drying. This is useful if you want to dry clothes when you are out of the house. If appearance is important to you then you may be frustrated that almost all tumble dryers are white. Bosch offer more attractive models in black that you may want to consider.

The Basic Dryers

At the bottom end of the scale you have got manufactures like Indesit, Beko and White Knight producing dryers for around £150 and sometimes even cheaper. These tend ot be smaller with a 6 or 7kg capacity. They also tend to be less energy efficient with either a B or C rating. Some still come with a number of programme choices which will provide you with a basic version of the functions of the amore expensive dryers discussed above. At the very bottom of the scale you have got the White Knight dryers which are only 3 or 4kgs in capacity and are designed for drying smaller amounts of clothes. These are very basic machines and don’t have the functions and settings of the other dryers but they can be picked up for just £100 or even a little under that.

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