Where to buy a toaster ?


Once you’ve decided what Toaster model you want, you’ll need to think about where to get it from. This final part of the guide will be dedicated to advising you here and will provide you with some places to consider in order to ensure that you get the best possible price when making your purchase. There are many options here, from the high street to online ordering.

Buying a Toaster on the High Street

There are a number of high street stores that can be trusted to provide you with an excellent toaster. If its one of the top models and more famous brands you are after than one of the best options is John Lewis. They stock many of the Dualit and De’Longhi models discuss here and offer reliable and lengthy guarantees on all their products. Buying from a store like this also means you will have a place to return your toaster to in the event of any issue and you’ll avoid lengthy online returns policies. If you are looking for a cheaper toaster then there are high street stores that can help here too. One of the best is Argos, who offer one of the cheapest toasters around at only £5 and some other great deals on cheaper toasters such as the Cookworks models. Its worth remembering that with Argos you can buy online and get your product delivered as well as picking it up in store. Other high street options include supermarkets like larger Tesco and Asda stores who offer good value toasters of their own as well as some other brands and models.

Buying a Toaster Online

There are plenty of online buying options for toasters as well. Shopping around online can often get you the best deal as you can easily compare prices from one manufacturer to another. There are cheap deals available on well known sites like Amazon and Appliances Direct and many of these offer guarantees and returns policies as well. If you’re buying from Amazon make sure you check the reputation of the seller before purchase. Toasters don’t last forever, so its probably not wise to buy a second hand one.

If you’re after one of the more unusual toasters with an add on such as a grill or any of the Tefal toaster products, you’ll want to go for online ordering. These products, whilst increasingly trendy and popular, are not yet widely available. Indeed, this is probably part of their charm! If its one of these models you’re after go to the Coopers website or the Tefal website direct and click the links to sellers from there which will take you to sellers offering good deals on those products.
Whichever toaster you go for, its worth shopping around for a while first as the same model can be found much cheaper in one place to another. This largely comes down to the deals that are on at the time you purchase, so there’s no substitute for a bit of online research and comparing a few vendors before you make your choice.

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