What are the best toaster brands ?


There are a few major brands to consider when it comes to the best toasters on the market, and there are a few cheaper options for you to think about if you are after a purely functional model. This part of the guide will first discuss the top toasters, before looking at these cheaper models.

The Best Toasters Out There

One of the best brands of toaster, and the most famous toaster specialist, is Dualit. Dualit toasters boast a unique and recognisable design and branding and certainly the Dualit range has the most cultural capital when it comes to trendy toasting machines. Dualit models are very trustworthy and are well know for lasting a very long time. Most come with the capacity to toast four slices of bread at once and the deep and thick toasting slots mean that you can toast thick fresh bread as well as thinly sliced bread. There is plenty of space to toast fruit loaf, brioche or bagels in these state of the art toasters too. The cheaper Dualit models cost around £60 and have just two toasting slots, whereas the larger and most expensive models cost up to £200 and have a variety of additional setting for defrosting different types of bread. The more expensive the model, the faster it will toast as well. In general though, a lot of the price of a Dualit is going towards paying for the brand name.

A rival toaster brand is De’Longhi. These tend to be cheaper and more bulky, but they rival Dulait for appearance, coming a range of wonderful modern colours to suit the new trendy kitchen. They have 4 toast slots including the capacity to set each pair of slots to a different setting for different foods. Though they aren’t as popular, these models are a real rival to Dualit. A final rival to consider is Kenwood, who offer a slightly cheaper range of toasters starting from £30 and whilst they are more basic and less flash, they are equally reliable and can save the buyer a fair bit of money.

The Cheaper Toasters

At the bottom end, its worth remembering that a basic toaster can be found for a very low price indeed. All toasters from reputable sellers are certified as safe, so as long as buy from a reputable seller you don’t have to worry about that. One company to consider here is Cookworks, who make a range of toasters starting at just £10 which, whilst they may not look wonderful, are perfectly functional and usable. Even cheaper is a supermarket’s own brand toaster like those made by Adsa and Tesco, as well as the amazing value £5 toaster made and sold by Argos. If you just want toast at the cheapest possible price then these are all viable options worth considering.

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