How to choose a toaster combo ?


Another option available to you is getting a toaster is getting another kitchen appliance which contains a toaster within it. There are a few possibilities here. Many oven come with a toasting feature under the grill, but this is a pretty labouroius way to toast and takes much longer than your average toaster. Further, it prevents you from toasting bread at the same time as grilling food, which may be an issue when making cooked breakfasts and meals that involve using the grill.

The Toaster-Grill Combo

To combat this, some companies have designed toaster grill combination appliances. One company to do this is Coopers. Their All in One Toaster and Grill is a small and sleek unit perfect for use in small spaces. It lets you cook two slices of toast, muffins or bagels whilst at the same time grilling bacon, sausages, tomatoes or steak. The machine can even frying eggs at the same time too, making it ideal for those looking to knock up a quick and easy cooked breakfast without much space. This model comes relatively cheaply as well, costing only £40.

Tefal Toast and Something Else

Well known company Tefal have come up with a number of innovative breakfast making machines to give your toaster that little bit more. One of these is the Tefal Toast ‘n’ Egg Machine. This toaster has a two-slot space for toasting bread, muffins or bagels like any toaster. On the side is an additional space for poaching or hard boiling eggs. The machine can make a perfect poached egg to put on your toast in just four minutes or a hard boiled egg to make an egg sandwich in just a little more time. This innovative machine means egg on toast is prepared for you at the touch of a button in just four minutes, making healthy and wholesome breakfasts a fast and easy experience to prepare.

If eggs are not your thing, Tefal have got another solution, the Tefal Toast ‘n’ Bean Machine. This machine looks just like the Toast ‘n’ Egg model but instead of the egg cooking space the toaster’s attachment has a little tray for cooking half a tin of baked beans. The beans cook in exactly the same time as the toast meaning that you can press a button and have this wholesome breakfast in minutes, with little washing up and cleaning needed. Both these models come with a crumb tray to easily remove mess and both are available for as little as £35.

Toasters with Warming Racks

Another thing to think about is a warming rack. These are warming plates for breakfast items like croissants and pastries. Its perfect for fans of continental breakfasts who don’t want to burn their croissants but you like them warm and with melted butter. One company to offer these warming racks is Dualit, discussed above, but many companies have started to include this feature and its certainly something worth thinking about if you want to get a bit more creative with your breakfast making.

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