Where to buy a Steam Oven ?


Once you’ve decided that a steam oven is the right thing for you, you’ll need to think about where to get one from. The final part of the article will give you some advice as to where you should consider looking for a steam oven. This will help you get the best deals and prices and ensure you get the best model in your price range. There are a couple of ways you can make your purchase. You can either order an oven for delivery online or you can go to the high street and buy an oven there.

Getting a steam oven on the high street

The best option if you want to buy a steam oven on the high street is probably a store like Curry’s. They offer a decent amount of steam ovens including some of the models discussed above in this article. Their website and in-store specification lists make it very easy to browse products and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each before you come to your decision. They also offer an installation and delivery service and this is something you should consider if you’re going for a built in steam oven as you need to ensure that it is correctly and safely installed.

Other high street options include some major supermarkets who offer a surprising range of steam ovens, including Tesco and ASDA. You may want to check these out as they sometimes of decent prices as well as a great range. If you’re after a steam oven towards the top end of the price scale then another place you should check out is John Lewis. They offer a number of middle to top end models as well as excellent customer service and the option to talk to an expert as well.

Buying a steam oven online

Though of course you wont be able to check out your steam oven before you buy, getting a model online is also a decent option. Though they are often large units, many companies offer free delivery, and some offer free installation as well. It’s a really good idea to check this out before you buy because these can often be hidden costs and turn out to be surprisingly high. Buying online and getting the product delivered saves you the time, effort and cost of going to the store and collecting. Its also a perfect option for those without a large car who cant pick the item up themselves.

If you’re after one of the cheaper steam ovens like the Cuisinart model discussed above, you might want to look at a website like Amazon. They offer some good cheap deals on the models towards the bottom of the scale. Other online companies to check out include Appliances Direct and Argos Online who offer a decent range and good delivery options at a great price. Another thing you ought to do, one you know which model you want, is check out the manufacturer’s website directly. Sometimes there are great deals available direct from the manufacturer so its worth a look, but be sure to compare their prices with those you find elsewhere as well. On the whole its worth checking both online and in store to see where has the best deals, prices and discounts.

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