Best Steam Oven brands


There are, as we’ve said, a large number of steam oven manufacturers out there. You’ll need to consider whether you want to spend a fair bit of money and go for one of the very top manufactures offering state of the art steam ovens, or whether you’d prefer a smaller and more basic model that will supplement your existing oven and cooker. The rest of this section will discuss the various models available across the price range.

The Top of the Range Steam Ovens

As with many kitchen appliances, a brand offering incredible levels of quality and reliability is Miele. Miele models start at just under £1000 and sometimes cost a lot more than this. They all boast a MultiSteam feature which ensures that food stays moist and keeps all the nutrients that it can. The models also have an automatic program system that helps you produce professional results time and time again by remembering settings and reacting to various food styles and cooking styles. These Miele models also come in a stylish stainless steel design that looks great in every kitchen especially the modern trendy home. Miele boast that all their models are built and tested to last 20 years and the customer reviews tend to bear this out, making Miele the best shout if you’re looking for a truly top of the range steam oven.

Mid-Range Steam Ovens

If you want to come down in price a little there are more companies you can consider. One such is Sharp. This well-known household name can of course be trusted, and their steam ovens come in towards the cheaper end of the scale, setting you back around £200 to £300 in most cases. These models also feature automatic programs and a touch sensitive keypad as well as a clear LED display. They are not as powerful as the Miele models, and they are also not as pleasing on the eye, but they do pretty much the same job with a little less frills attached.

Between the two manufactures already discussed you have a couple more options. These are Siemens and Neff, whose models tend to come in at around the £500 mark. These ovens are larger than the cheaper Sharp model and come closer to the Miele models in terms of appearance. Both brands are reputable and all the models discussed here should come with secure warrantees and returns policies.

The Value Steam Ovens

If you want a cheaper option you’re probably going to be looking at a counter top model (more information to be found below on these). These tend to be better value, but also smaller and less complex, offering a more basic cooking programme. A great company to consider here is Cuisinart who offer a huge number of reliable kitchen appliances towards the cheaper end of the scale and generally get a great response from users.

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