Where to buy a Sat Nav ?


Specialist motoring product stores and garages will often have the greatest range of Sat Navs, as well as the expert knowledge to advise on which Sat Nav is best for you, your needs, and your vehicle. That said, Sat Navs can be picked up these days in all kinds of electronics stores and even supermarkets, which may be able to offer you a cheaper price. It really is a case of shopping around to make sure you find the best deals. As so often nowadays, shopping online may be the way to get the best discount: with their lower overheads, online stores can often offer a cheaper rate.

Buying a GPS sat nav in store

There is just enough variation between Sat Navs for it to be worth shopping in store for one. Whatever the deals and discounts available online, the only way to actually examine the device you are committing to buying is to go in store and try it out. What sort of screen size are you looking for? Are you going to happy with the range of automated voices the device is programmed with? Are you concerned with how the Sat Nav will look with the furnishings of your car? The only way to satisfy yourself as to these questions is to get in store and to check out what is on offer.

Sat nav online

The finer points of variation between Sat Navs is just the sort of thing that gets gearheads and tech enthusiasts excited. So it’s no surprise that there is an enormous amount of thoughtful commentary online to guide you in your decision. As well as allowing you to compare hundreds of models, shopping online may get you a decent discount on your Sat Nav.

Try before you buy

One risk with a Sat Nav is that the mapping programming with be out of date, even at time of purchase. Some manufacturers can offer free software updates to keep this in check. It is important to ask your supplier about this early on. Some websites and online retailers are better than others when it comes to supplying this information up front. Buying in store makes it reasonably simple to find out if this is an issue that affects the Sat Nav you are looking at. Shopping online you might have to work harder with the contact centres of either the supplier or the manufacturer itself.

You also want to make sure that you are comfortable with the graphics on your Sat Nav. This is as much a matter of safety as it is a matter of taste. Do you respond best to a 3D graphic representation of the road and route? Or do you prefer a 2D map-view, from above? You want to be able to respond quickly to directions and grasp the route on the screen in a quick glance before returning your attention to the road. It is worth seeing the Sat Nav in store, in person, to really get a sense of how you are going to respond to its graphics.

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