Where to buy a rice cooker ?


Unlike most kitchen products, the rice cooker is not something that’s stocked everywhere. Of course, there are many stores that do sell them, and these are worth considering, but in general the choice available online is far better.

Online vs the Stores

Having said that, one store you might want to consider is John Lewis. They in fact offer their own brand of rice cooker for around £40 and this has sometimes made lists of the top 10 Rice Cookers, so its definitely an option worth considering.

Tefal have their own official supplier called Home and Cook Online, so you might have to go through their website. There are a large number of discounts and reductions on this site so this may be preferable than going through a third party seller.

Amazon offer a quite amazing range of Rice Cookers and this may be the best place to go when it comes to getting the best price and a good deal. They stock all the major brands including those discussed here, as well as Black and Decker, Aroma and Zojirushi. Zojirushi is a Japanese manufacturer and they are considered to be one of the best makers of rice cooker, so although it might be unfamiliar to you, its definitely an option worth considering.

Rice cooker deals

There are a few stores worth scouting for the best prices. Currys and Argos are two major UK stores that offer a range of rice cookers. They generally range from about £25 to £70. All their machines can be trusted and will come with a warrantee and a place to return your product to with no trouble. However, in general, since even the top end rice cookers are relatively inexpensive, it is really worth spending a little more and getting one of the superior models.

If you are going to go very cheap, then you might as well go with the most basic Tesco model discussed above, which costs just over £20. If you are more confident that you are going t use your machine a lot and want to use it for more than just the odd bowl of rice, then its worth spending upwards of £50 and considering some of the options such as the Morphy Richards Slow Cooker which has a digital display and wide range of the functions discussed in this guide.

Whatever cooker you end up going for, keep in mind the things discussed in this guide and remember that you may end up using your machine much more often than you think. The rice cooker may quickly become a regularly used piece of kitchen equipment and you will probably be very surprised what you can do with it, so it might be worth spending that little bit more and getting yourself a machine that will be long lasting and reliable.

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