How to choose an oven?

Where to buy an Oven ? in OVEN Where to buy an Oven ?

Buying an oven is not as easy as it might seem, and you have several options of where to start. This part of the article will take you through the places you might consider buying from. Direct from the Supplier. You might get a good deal direct from your chosen brand of oven. Some suppliers might offer to deliver and install your oven as well which can be an added cost if you don’t sort it out...

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Difference between gas and electric oven ? in OVEN Difference between gas and electric oven ?

The big decision may be whether to go for a gas or electric oven. There are many things to consider, and some personal preferences to work out as well. Some people are adamant that gas ovens are by far superior, but you can also find many defenders of the electric oven. The debate will probably long continue, and you might want to have a go on both types before you make a choice. After all, most...

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Best oven brands: bosch, aeg, zanussi, whirpool in OVEN Best oven brands: bosch, aeg, zanussi, whirpool

The most famous oven brand is the AGA. AGA is a Swedish company who invented a cooker in 1922 that holds the heat in its huge cast iron frame. THE AGA. This heat can be used for cooking but it can also be used to heat the house like a central heating system. Though the AGA was invented in 1922 this method of cooking actually dates from thousands of years ago and this year in 2014 an Aga-style...

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