Where to buy an Oven ?


Buying an oven is not as easy as it might seem, and you have several options of where to start. This part of the article will take you through the places you might consider buying from.

Direct from the Supplier

You might get a good deal direct from your chosen brand of oven. Some suppliers might offer to deliver and install your oven as well which can be an added cost if you don’t sort it out in advance. If you buy from the brands website you can also make sure that you have seen their whole range rather than just the one or two models that might be available in store. Some oven brands offer dozens of models and it may appear that the differences between them are subtle and unimportant but they can be significant. This means that even if you are going to buy from a shop it might be worth visiting the brand’s own website first and looking through their range to work out which exact model you want.

From a reputable highstreet company

You might want to get your oven from a big store such as Currys. This is a pretty safe option as you can be sure that your product will come with a secure warrantee and a place to go if you have any problems. Currys also install your product for you but there is a charge for this of between £70 or £90. This isn’t bad value though and is probably cheaper than it would cost to get an expert out to fit your oven. Another option for you is John Lewis, who offer more of the top of the range ovens and less cheaper options but once again they are a company that can be trusted to sell you a high quality product and offer you good support after purchase.

Reputable online companies

There are reputable online companies as well and you might find that you can get a better deal from one of these. Appliances Direct for example offer a wide range of ovens and they also allow you to compare different models and manufacturers to help you work out which is the best model for you. If you choose this option don’t forget to look into installation costs and offers before making your final purchase.

Last update: 13/08/2020 on 04:11. All prices are updated daily.