Difference between gas and electric oven ?


The big decision may be whether to go for a gas or electric oven. There are many things to consider, and some personal preferences to work out as well. Some people are adamant that gas ovens are by far superior, but you can also find many defenders of the electric oven. The debate will probably long continue, and you might want to have a go on both types before you make a choice. After all, most people stick with an oven for many many years.

Cost of running an oven

One thing you can consider is the cost of running these models. Based on using the oven five times a week, the average household usage, gas ovens cost around £20 a year to run and electric ovens cost around £40. This gives the gas oven a slight advantage. However, make sure that you have gas in your property already. Some properties come with all electric heating and do not have gas. If you had a property like this and chose to have a gas oven installed you would then need to pay for gas as well as electricity from your service provider. This might in fact work out more expensive. For those who already pay a gas bill, a gas oven is likely to save you a little money.

Oven cooking speeds

Cooking speeds are another thing that is effected by whether you choose gas or electric. Whilst gas hobs heat up instantly by producing a hot flame, electric plates take time to warm up and reach a sufficient temperature to cook food. Here again, gas hobs have a slight advantage. On the other hand, when it comes to ovens, the electric oven may have the edge. A gas oven heats by forcing high levels of heat into the chamber until it reaches the desired temperature. Having food in the oven at this time can cause burning. On the other hand the electric oven heats only up to the required temperature meaning that there is no damage to your food if you put it into the oven a little early. On the other side of the argument, just like with the hobs, gas ovens heat up much faster (on average) than electric ones, so you can get cooking a little quicker.

Another difference is apparent when you come to cleaning your oven. Whilst the electric oven is pretty easy to wipe clean, a gas oven needs a bit more care and attention. To clean the hobs you need to remove the gas plates and scrub underneath them as well as on the surface of the hobs and in the oven itself.

On the whole, this article has assessed the differences between the electric and gas ovens and although there are certainly advantages and disadvantages of both types, it does seem that at the end of the day it is the gas oven that comes out on top.

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