Best oven brands: bosch, aeg, zanussi, whirpool


The most famous oven brand is the AGA. AGA is a Swedish company who invented a cooker in 1922 that holds the heat in its huge cast iron frame.


This heat can be used for cooking but it can also be used to heat the house like a central heating system. Though the AGA was invented in 1922 this method of cooking actually dates from thousands of years ago and this year in 2014 an Aga-style cooker was uncovered in Croatia that was over 6500 years old.

Even today these ovens are very popular. They have several huge oven doors which mean you can cook many things at once at different temperatures. Modern day Aga cookers have developed a long way and the fuel options include kerosene, diesel, biofuel, gas or electricity. These cookers are famous for their longevity. Most Aga cookers last decades and many have lasted well over 50 years. AS well as this, the Aga has achieved lots of cultural capital in recent decades and having an Aga has become a very trendy and affluent thing. An Aga cooker will cost you between £2000 and £4000 pounds but it will be the talking point of visitors and the source of praise from everyone who enters your modern and classy kitchen.


The modern oven is a remarkably different thing to an Aga. New ovens are much cheaper, much easier to use and much much easier to clean. One of the forerunners in the production of new oven is Bosch. Their ovens cost somewhere in the £300 to £700 range and offer all that can be expected from a basic modern oven. They offer dozens of models all with many differences. Some models offer a self-cleaning mechanism to make upkeep and cleaning of your oven even easier. Other models offer several different modes of heating allowing you to set the perfect temperature for any dish whatsoever. Other features include high levels of energy efficiency. This saves energy, protecting the environment and saving you money, without being to the detriment of your cooking. This may in fact save you money in the long run so it might be worth paying a little more for an oven with a good energy rating.


AEG are another fine choice of modern oven manufacturer. The AEG ovens range from around £300 for a single oven to around £900 for the better and larger double ovens. AEG offer a large number of double ovens which is something you might really want to consider. A double oven allows you to cook or bake at two temperatures at once. This makes cooking a roast dinner and meals for especially large numbers of people several times easier. It also makes cooking Christmas lunch a much less challenging task. AEG also offer an ‘auto-cook’ oven which lets you set your food type and let the oven do the rest. This may well represent the future of cooking and AEG are a leading brand here.


A slightly cheaper option that is also respectable and trustworthy is the Zanussi. The Zanussi ovens start at around £200 and go up towards the £400 mark. These are all single ovens so they are a little smaller and more basic than some of those discussed above. However, the Italian touch might appeal to you as many of the Zanussi ovens also have a special pizza cooking feature so that you can have oven baked pizzas cooked at they would be in a Pizzeria. Some Zanussi ovens also have a special quick heat up feature which will let you get cooking faster than normal!


Perhaps the cheapest top brand is Whirlpool. They offer ovens starting at around £15 which is by far the lowest of the oven brands discussed here. The company also offer more expensive ovens but if you are going to be spending upwards of £400 then it might be advisable to go with one of the companies discussed above. What Whirlpool do offer is a very decent cheap option under £400 which will serve all your basic cooking needs, make sure you are completely safe, and come with a trustworthy warrantee.

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