Best MP3 Player brands


There is no clear answer to what is the best MP3 player, because different users have different needs. Some need a small and sturdy device suitable for the gym and running. Others need to hold as much music in one place as they possibly can.

Small MP3 Players for sports

There are some MP3 players which are just great for going to the gym and running. The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip is one of these. This is a very basic model and costs only £40. It has no frills attached and can only hold 4GB of music, but its got a great clip on feature making it ideal for running and exercising. It’s a much better option that the small Sony Walkman MP3 players of the same size which are outdated and have a very poor design and are not easy to use. This is quite surprising given Sony’s excellent reputation in music, but this is really a product to avoid if you can. Other small MP3 players worth considering include anything in the Creative ZEN range. These are again quite basic and have nothing on the Samsung and Apple products when it comes to the screen and display, but they have an incredible battery life and are amazingly long lasting. In fact, many creative ZEN players are still in use from up to 10 years ago, which is something Ipod users will know is quite remarkable.

Where Sony do come into their own however is in the waterproof Walkman range. These are well worth a look, cost only £55, and allow you to listen to music whilst swimming or running in terrible weather conditions. The music is contained within the earpiece as well meaning that there is no trouble with cords and cables. This is a really great option for swimmers.

The larger MP3 players for music lovers

If you want to store a large amount of music then you’re going to want a larger MP3 player and you should be looking for a device with at least 12 to 32GB of storage space. Apple have got a larger share of the market in these larger MPP3 players and if you want a competitor you might have to look to a company like Cowon who offer 16 and 32GB MP3 players. These are well regarded and for some provide stiff competition for the Ipod. Sony Walkman offer a nice option with 16GB of storage and this scores much higher in all reviews than the smaller models by Sony discussed above. Samsung also offer some rival MP3 players with a large amount of storage but these have not been well received and are now not that easy to find.

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