Apply vs. its other MP3 competitors


So, given that Apple have come to dominate the MP3 market, especially when it comes to the larger models, you’re going to have to consider their products too. In fact, Apple products use MP4 rather than MP3 playback software. These days this isn’t a great issue, as the device can usually covert your files into the correct format for the Ipod. However, there are some issues with this to consider.

Can you go back?

Its something people say about Apple fairly often, that once you’ve had an Apple product, you wont go back to another brand. But why is this? Is it simply because the products are so good that you wont want to? The answer is no, or at least not entirely. Once music is purchased and played on an Ipod, you will have a lot of trouble moving that music to a device that is not Apple. This explains why some music lovers get stuck with Apple products, because changing the manufacturer of their device would mean having to start their music collection all over again. Even for the average user, this is probably not worth it.

Syncing with computers

Apple products work best with Apple computers. You can use an Ipod with a Windows computer using iTunes however, so don’t be put off an Apple product just because you don’t have an Apple computer. Having all your files in the Apple format though, will mean you are tied to Apples software on your PC as well. You wont have the freedom to choose other music players as they wont be compatible with your files after Apple has converted them or after they have been purchased from the online Apple Store. Though this does limit you, the problem is that there isn’t really another viable option. Its pretty much universally agreed that the Apple software is superior to that on offer elsewhere. This means that though you are stuck with iTunes, its still the best option. OF course, if you’re using iTunes, you need an Ipod to be compatible with it.

The Verdict

In general, its worth knowing that Apple do have genuine competitors and they are not the only producer of great electronics. Its worth considering their rivals too because Apple products tie you into their own systems and prevent you switching or taking advantage of other hardware and software programs in the future. With tablets and computers, Apple have significant rivals and there are probably better products on the market than the ones Apple make. However, when it comes to MP3 and music players, this is not really the case.

Smaller MP3 players by the manufactures discussed above are great and are probably preferable to the smaller Apply models like the Ipod Nano. Creative Zen and SanDisk are the recommended brands for these smaller models of MP3 player and they are cheaper too. However, when it comes to the larger music playback devices with lots of storage space there is no company touching Apple for quality, so you might want to just accept that you’re going to be tied to Apple software and hardware for years to come and go with one of the latest Ipods or an Ipod Touch.

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