Where to buy a Mini Oven ?


There are a range of options when it comes to actually making your purchase of a mini oven. There are many places to get one from, but its worth thinking about where you’ll go in order to get the best prices and deals on your purchase. If you’re interested in the whole mini fitted kitchen from a company like John Strand then of course this may come with a mini oven already included. If its just a mini oven you’re after, then the remainder of this guide will be dedicated to helping you may the right choice as to where you might get one from and how to get the best prices when you buy. Generally speaking, as with most products, you have two main options. You can either order a mini oven online and have it delivered to your home, or you can go directly to store and get a mini oven immediately to drive home.

Getting a mini oven on the high street

There are various high street stores that offer mini ovens and some of these stock a fairly impressive range of models. One such store is Argos. Argos offer a variety of mini ovens including most of the models discussed in this guide. Their price range is also wide, as they offer the cheapest Cookworks ovens starting at just £30 and the top of the range Murphy Richards Rotisserie ovens costing just over £120. Currys also offer a good range of mini ovens and grills at competitive rates and may even rival Argos for value. Currys also have an excellent website which allows you to compare all the prices and the features of each oven easily. This can be a real help when it comes to making your choice. Though these are high street stores it is also worth remembering that they also offer online ordering and delivery services. Its also important to remember that not all the products listed online are available in store, so you might want to check availability in your individual store before you set out.

Buying a mini oven online

Buying a mini oven online has many advantages. Although not large, these ovens are often fairly heavy. This isn’t a great problem once they are set up in your kitchen but it can be difficult to transport them from store to home. Buying online means you wont have to as they will be delivered to your door. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible then perhaps online is not the best option, unlike with other products where online sales tend to be the cheapest. You’re not likely to find a cheaper model online than the £30 model offered by Argos for example, and buying online means there may be added delivery costs. When buying the more expensive models online can be a good option as there are often better discounts, as well as free deliveries available if you’re spending enough. Buying online opens up other options to you such as Amazon, who offer some great value mini ovens.

Whether you buy online or in store, be sure to check out some reviews online first. The Independent for instance, have published an guide on the top ten mini ovens that is well worth a look before you choose your model. Remember to think about other ways to get the best out of your mini cooker too.

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