Best Mini Oven brands


Like any product, its important that you choose a reputable and trustworthy brand when buying a mini oven. These ovens can become central to your kitchen experience and you may find yourself making more use of your mini oven than you expected. Its also worth remembering that ovens come with safety issues and buying a reputable brand ensures that your oven will be safe, guaranteed by nation standards and under a decent and secure warrantee if anything goes wrong.

The Cheapest Mini Ovens on the Market

The cheapest mini ovens that are usable and reliable start at a very low price indeed. Normal ovens set the buyer back almost £200 at the very least, whereas mini oven are available for as little as £30 at the very cheapest. The main company to consider here is Cookworks. Their cheapest oven, the Cookworks Toaster Oven, is a grill and oven combo which offers an oven capacity of up to 1000 watts and a decent grill capacity too. Its not the fastest oven, and its pretty small, but it will cook small dishes with little problem and grill anything you need like to including all sorts of meat and fish. The oven can also replace a toaster, and though it isn’t as fast, can make perfectly good toast using the grill function. Its not the most beautiful product to look at, but it does a job and comes at a very low price. For just ten pounds more though, you can upgrade to the Cookworks Mini Oven which is well worth the upgrade. At 1300 watts this oven can cook up to 230 degrees which is pretty much enough for any dish. Its is also larger and has an 18 litre capacity. The main selling point though is that the oven also has a microwave feature so that you have a microwave, conventional oven and grill all in one. Its perfect for any small kitchen or studio flat and at £40 its value must be acknowledged.

The Top End Mini Ovens

If you want to spend a bit more for a better product you might want to look to a different brand. A popular kitchen company like De Longhi will serve your needs here. Their ovens cost upwards of £70 or £80 but come with some features that mean you really do get more for your money. On top of this, the De Longhi ovens look stylish and sleek, usually coming in an attractive chrome colour to match the modern kitchen. These ovens have not only a conventional oven but a specially designed slow cooking function, a grill and a 120 minute timer so that you can plan meals in advance or prepare your cooking beforehand. The oven is large making it ideal for pizzas and other classic dishes for singles. A final brand to consider is Morphy Richards. For a little more money their ovens offer yet more features that the De Longhi model discussed here. Many Morphy Richards ovens come with hobs as well as the conventional oven and grill features. The hobs can be used simultaneously with the oven an grill meaning that you can make more complex meals with different ingredients.

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