Where to buy a Microwave ?


The final part of this guide will discuss how and where you should consider making your purchase of a microware or a microwave combination oven. It will discuss the options available to you and give you some advice as to how you might get the best deals and prices on a microwave oven. You’ve got two main options here, as with most products. The first is to make your purchase online and have it delivered direct to your door and the second is to go to your high street or local retail park and make the purchase in person.

Buying a microwave online

There are some advantages to buying a microwave online. You can browse various websites and compare prices easily. There are also price comparison sites that will help you choose the microwave that is best for you. Unsurprisingly, you will also find the greatest range and the best selection of microwaves online. Furthermore, you can usually see pretty clearly from the images what your microwave will look like and whether it will suit your kitchen, so there isn’t really much need to see the microwave in advance. A couple of good online options include Appliances Direct and Currys, both of whom have easy to use websites and will deliver. If you know exactly what model you want, you may even be able to find a microwave you want on websites like Amazon. Make sure you check the delivery costs too and factor this into your price.

High Street

You can easily buy a microwave on the high street. Most electronics stores will stock at least a small range of microwaves so you should check out what offers each of these has on at the time you are looking to buy. Stores like Argos, Maplin and Currys are always worth checking, though going online will give you access to their full range whereas in store you will be limited by what that individual shop has in stock. Some stores like Argos allow you to browse their range online and then order your chosen product to your nearest store so this offers you a happy medium between online and in-store buying.

Retail Parks and Supermarkets microwave sales

Large electronics stores in retail parks are likely to have a much greater range on offer than local high street branches, so it might be worth seeing if you can visit a large Currys or homeware store, providing you can drive to one of these out of town locations. If you want to get a very basic microwave like those discussed above at the end of section two then you should also consider going to the largest supermarket you can. Larger supermarkets stock more homeware appliances than smaller ones and this is probably the cheapest possible way to get a microwave without ordering online and paying delivery costs.

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