Microwave Combination Ovens


These days microwave technology has greatly improved and the most modern microwaves go above and beyond the basic solo microwaves that the previous section has discussed.

Panasonic combo oven

One such model is the Panasonic NN-CF873SBPQ which has all the benefits of a normal microwave like those discussed above but also has the added bonus of being a mini fanned oven and a grill at the same time. The mini fan oven can cook foods as an oven does but has auto cook features as well. The microwave weighs the food before setting the correct temperature and time and means you can cook an entire meal at the touch of a button without having to keep an eye on it. The unit is very powerful and can offer cooking power of up to 1000W in the oven and some 1300W on the grill feature. It is also energy efficient and uses less power than larger conventional ovens so this may even save you money on running costs. Of course, it features a touch screen and swiping display panel demonstrating its state of the art design. The model however, does not come cheap, and you will have to part with upwards of £400 for this cooking appliance from most vendors.


A rival option is the Whirlpool Combination Microwave with Quartz Grill. This comes in a lovely charcoal colour and has a similar cooking power to the Panasonic model discussed above. This oven is more functional and places less emphasis on the touch screen panel and more on the cooking power, though it still has a lovely sleek design. Its grill is slightly less powerful so may be slightly slower if you plan to grill a lot of meat, but the oven comes at a cheaper price of juts under £300.

Samsung Microwave

Samsung and Sharp are two other companies offering rival combination microwaves, and these come in at a slightly lower price still. You can expect to pay something between £200 and £250 for these ovens. They tend to be slightly smaller than the above models at around 27 litres rather than 30 or 32 litres and they tend to have 900W of power rather than the 1000W that Panasonic and Whirlpool offer. However, for the difference in price these are still an excellent choice and their oven capacity can still be up to 230 degrees, as good as some normal ovens.

All these products are a great option for single people of couples who want to cook quickly and easily. They are also ideal for those who want to go above and beyond standard microwave meals but still want to cook in small portions. They are not so suitable for a large family Christmas dinner.

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