Best Microwave brands


There are many competing companies after your business when it comes to buying a microwave. Most of these are reputable and famous household names who make many types of household appliance. There is quite a wide price range when it comes to buying a microwave, so this part of the guide will discuss the more expensive microwave ovens first, followed by the mid-range microwaves, before finally making you aware of the budget and basic microwave options available to you. Remember that this part of the guide is dealing only with microwave ovens, not combination ovens and ovens which offer both microwave and other cooking functions. These newer combination ovens are the subject of the next part of the guide.

Top of the range Microwaves

At the top of the range you are looking at paying somewhere around £150 for a new and fully equipped microwave oven. One company offering top of the range models that you should consider is Panasonic. Their NNST479SB Solo Microwave costs £159.99 and has a very high 900W power and a large 27 litre capacity. It also features an easy to use and state of the art panel so that you can control your settings at the touch of a finger Panasonic also offer slightly smaller models with a capacity of 23 litres which come in at the more affordable £130 mark. These do not have the chrome finish of the larger model and are all white, which makes them a little more of an eye sore. Even these cheaper models though are still towards the top end of microwave prices.

The Mid-Range Microwaves

If you want to spend a little less you’ll probably want to look at a few other brands. Some key ones to consider are Kenwood, Whirlpool and Samsung. These brands all offer microwaves just above the £100 park in a variety of styles including the classy stainless steel look offered by the top of the range Panasonic models. They tend to run at 800W rather than 900W which makes them slightly less powerful. If style is important to you then you should definitely look at the Whirlpool range because they offer a huge range of colours which make the microwave units easier on the eye and right at home in a trendy modern kitchen.

Basic and Cheaper Microwave Ovens

If you want a fully functional microwave but don’t want to pay through the nose then there are some more models that will meet your needs. Russell Hobbes offer great value for money on basic microwaves which tend to be 20 litres in size and 800W in power. These models are very decent and come with a more basic but still easy to use display and will serve most of your microwave needs including defrosting and cooking at different temperatures. They also feature 8 auto programmes for cooking and defrosting certain products like meats, to make your life even easier. These microwaves are a bargain at around £60 to £65 each.

If you want to go for the cheapest possible option then you might consider the Essentials brand. They produce a microwave for only £40 which is not the nicest to look at, only has a 700W power and is quite small at only 17 litres, but will still do the job for most of your microwaving and defrosting needs. Also at the bottom of the range are some supermarkets own-brand microwave ovens. Large supermarket chains like Tesco and Asda produce their own microwaves and these can be even cheaper than £40 so may be worth a look if you are looking for the most basic models.

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