How to use a kitchen scale?


Using a kitchen scale is straightforward, with most completely self-explanatory. For most models, you wont even need to consult the instructions, and can get into your cooking right away. The only thing that you must remember to do is make sure that your scales are displaying zero before you put your ingredients onto them. Its easy to forget to do this, and often the scales (especially digital ones) will remember the last reading they had displayed. This means that when you add your ingredients, you will get a completely inaccurate reading. Simply turn the scales on, make sure the display shows zero, and then put your ingredients on. If you are using your own mixing bowl, make sure you put that on the scales first and then set the scales to zero, and then add your ingredients. This will ensure that only the ingredients are being weighed and not the bowl as well.

There are a few less obvious benefits of having a good and easy- to use set of scales handy in your kitchen though, and a few other things you can use them for that might not obviously come to mind.

Keeping an eye on what you eat

One benefit of having your scales handy is that you can keep a very close eye on portion size. Of course, you’ll be familiar with the nutritional information found on almost all food packaging. A cereal pack for instance may tell you that a bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk is 170 calories. However, knowing how much cereal constitutes a ‘bowl full’ is a completely different matter, and in fact this can vary massively from product to product. You may think you’re having a bowl full when you are in fact having double or treble what the manufacturer considers to be one portion. Having your scales handy will mean you can always check that you are having the 30g specified on the nutritional information and can really regulate and keep track of what you are consuming. This is an excellent aid for anyone dieting or looking to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Cooking for large groups

When cooking and baking for large groups you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your kitchen scale handy. The scale will allow you to easily multiply and divide the weights and volumes displayed on the recipe, making cooking larger meals and baking larger cakes much easier. The scales will be an invaluable asset when cooking for parties and baking birthday cakes, and will make your life much easier when feeding large groups.

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