Where to buy a Kitchen Extractor ?


When it comes to choosing where to buy a kitchen extractor fan, there is a surprising amount to think about. There are very few companies who offer all these types of extractor fan. Basically, you will need to know which fan you are after before you can think about where to get it form. The small wall mounted fans come from very different vendors to the larger kitchen extractor hoods. The final part of this article will let you know where you can get each type of extractor fan from, helping you to get the best prices and cheapest rate for your chosen fan.

The Wall Mounted Extractors

For the wall mounted extractor fans discussed in the first section of this article you have a number of options. If you are after an Xpelair model then some of the best prices are available from Screwfix. This a hardware store and you can use their website to find out where your nearest store is and whether they have your product in stock. They do also have a website from which you can order online so you may choose to get your product delivered here. For the Fantronix models you’ll probably want to order online. They do have physical stores too but these are nowhere near as common as other hardware stores so the website is likely to be the easier and best option. Other hardware stores may be able to provide your chosen fan as well so its also worth considering stores like B&Q and Halfords.

The IKEA Kitchen Extractor Hoods

IKEA products are only available directly from IKEA itself. This is worth a specific mention as they offer extractor hoods at much cheaper prices than the other major brands. IKEA have an online ordering and delivery system as well, though you may find there are hidden costs here. They tend to have all products in stock at their large warehouse stores as well so check the nearest one and pay it a visit.

The Top Brands of Kitchen Extractor Hood

For the major brands of extractor hood such as Neff and Siemens discussed here, you have a few options available to you. One is going directly to the manufacturer and buying from one of their recommended retailers. There are often particular offers and deals available to you if you do this so it might be worth comparing a few prices on their own websites first.

There are some high street stores that sell these models too. One such is John Lewis, who offer many of the models discussed here. Another option is Appliances Direct, who offer many excellent prices of kitchen extractors online.

Cheaper Extractor Hoods

There are other cheaper models many by companies such as Logik and Essentials. These models are available at stores such as Curry’s, who also offer the models towards the top of the range. A final place to look at for these cheaper models is Argos who also offer an impressive range.

Whichever model you go for, remember that the most important thing is choosing the right type of fan for your kitchen, so make this decision first before comparing prices on the best brands.

Last update: 05/12/2020 on 05:31. All prices are updated daily.