Kitchen Extractor Hoods


Probably the most efficient way of reducing the fumes and dirty air pollution of your cooker and oven is by using an extractor hood. Some new ovens and cooking units will come with a hood, whereas others do not. If you have space in your kitchen and can afford to, an extractor hood is something well worth looking into. There are many companies who produce high level and attractive extractor hoods that you should consider.


One of the best places to look here is Swedish Superstore IKEA. This is one of the cheaper places to get a kitchen extractor hood from. They offer a huge range of extractor hoods suitable for any oven. These range from the basic and functional to the state of the art and designer. The most basic models cost just £40 or £50 and can be attached to the bottom of a cupboard above the oven. This reduces the eye sore and hides the model away nicely. These models aren’t the nosiest either and at their maximum they make about 66 decibels of sound pollution.

At the top end you have some really sleek and modern chrome design kitchen extractors. These cost upwards of £150 and in some cases come up to over £250. They will suit the style of a modern kitchen though and they are very powerful machines that provide a high level of extraction. They are also some of the most reliable models on the market and tend to come with a long guarantee often up to five years. For those looking for a really top model you might want to consider the black circular Potenteill model which looks like a sci-fi orb and has a touch screen operating system. Looking like something from a future space age, this product shows that even a kitchen extractor can be a trendy piece of kitchen equipment that will draw comments from your guests. This comes at a cost however, of a quite remarkable £600.


Another company to consider is Neff. They make a large number of cooker hood models towards the top of the range. Their products range from around £300 to £600. Coming in stylish chrome these models rival the top IKEA options providing high quality extraction, sleek good looks and low noise pollution at just 62 decibels (compared to the Potenteill’s 72 decibel maximum).


A final company that can be trusted to provide the best extraction out there is Siemens. This reputable household name produces competitive kitchen extractor hoods that tend to cost around the £500 mark. These tend to have a very low noise level of as little as 55 decibels. Siemens also offer models specially designed for smaller spaces. The models are all stylish and chrome coloured and have lights attached too to make cooking easier as well as cleaner.

Last update: 31/10/2020 on 04:17. All prices are updated daily.