How to use a juicer? Vegetable/Fruit: best recipes ?


Once you’ve made your choice and got yourself a juicer, you’ll want to start thinking about how to get the most out of your new machine.

The healthy option with our juicer

Of course, all juices are pretty healthy, as long you make sure you aren’t taking on too many sugars. Fruit, though obviously gret for you, can be high in calories, so don’t take the juicer as a green light to drink as much of whatever comes through it. Make sure you pay attention to your diet and keep a balance.

If its healthy juices you want, you will find a large number of recipes and help online. One website is Juice Recipes, which contains hundreds of recipes many of which are specifically geared towards weight loss and healthy eating. Also, Fitness Magazine have an article dedicated to the top 10 juices for keeping you in good health and good shape.

Pintrest is increasingly becoming a part of everyday internet use. There are many Pintrest boards dedicated to healthy recipes that you can make with your juicer, so have a look here for interest ideas from the standard morning juice to the posh fruit cocktail.

The top tasting juicer recipes

Most top chefs have juice recipes these days. Jamie Oliver’s website for instance, has recipes for a healthy green juice, which Oliver claims he makes himself almost every single day of the week. You may also want to check out the recipes of Jason Vale, also known as The Juice Master, and his extensive range of ideas. All the major food websites have juice recipes and you can go online and compare the recipes and juice suggestions from your favourite chefs and food companies.

Furthermore, there are entire books dedicated to how to get the best juices out of your juicer. Take a look at ‘The Top 100 Juices’ or ‘Juice Master Keeping it Simple: 101 Delicious Juices and Smoothies’ for example. There are literally thousands of juices to be made, and you may even find that there is nothing better than experimenting with different products yourself and working out the perfect blend for you.

Organic Juicing

Another major thing you can do with a juicer is go organic. Of course, if you buy and use organic fruit and vegetables then you’ll be making organic juice, but if you have a look at Organic Authority online for example, you’ll find a huge range of juice recipes specially designed for organic fruit and vegetables. There are also books dedicated exclusively to this, such as ‘201 Organic Smoothies and Juices.’

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