How to choose a travel iron ?


You may already have an iron at home, but having a travel iron is also crucial. If you’re going to a business conference, you’re going to need to make sure you’re not turning up in a creased and messy shirt looking very unprofessional indeed. If you’re going on holiday, you’re going to want to make sure that you can have your night out in a smart and sleek outfit that isn’t full of creases. Buying a travel iron is the perfect way to ensure that wherever you are you can have smart and appropriate dress.

Smaller travel irons

Travel irons used to be, quite simply, small irons. Travels Irons were just smaller versions of a normal iron, with less power but the same basic features. Nowadays though, travel irons are specifically designed to be easy and portable whilst offering you the ironing power you need. Some of these are very small and can even fold into a practically flat shape so that it can be easily packed into your bag or suitcase.

One such iron is the Lloytron Shot of Steam Dry Travel Iron. This product has an extendable handle to make it the most convenient for packing and storing. Another option for you is the Prym Steam Iron Mini. This is a state-of the-art travel iron which although it does not fold up, is tiny and compact. It has a specially designed handle which is held by your fingers and allows you to conduct your ironing easily even though the product is small. A final brand to consider when it comes to travel irons is Russell Hobbes, whose 14033 Travel Iron is a useful and trustworthy tool, though it does lack these specific features of the travel iron that you’ll find with the Lloytron or Prym models.

Iron travel adaptor

Remember, you are going to need to think about a travel adaptor. All these irons will come fitted with the plug from the country that you have bought the iron from. This means that if you are travelling abroad the iron will not be compatible with the electrical sockets at your destination. As well as the iron itself, you’ll need to take the right plug with you to ensure that you can make use of your product.

As with all irons, make sure that you think about safety. Many of these irons involve cords which you need to make sure you remain on top of. Also, don’t be tempted to iron on any old surface just because you are abroad. You will need an appropriate ironing surface such as an ironing board to make your ironing safe. Most importantly, make sure that you unplug your iron immediately after use and wait for it to cool down.

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