How to choose a hob?

Where to buy a Stove Top ? in HOB Where to buy a Stove Top ?

The final part of this article will discuss where you can go to buy a stove top from once you have weighed up all the factors and options. There are various options here, ranging from high street stores to online ordering to out of town retail parks. This part of the article will help you decide which is the best option. Ordering a Stove Top Online. Ordering a stove top online is not a bad idea....

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Gas versus Electric in HOB Gas versus Electric

The biggest part of your decision is going to be whether to get a gas or an electric stove top. There are various advantages and disadvantages of each and this is not going to be a very easy decision. This part of the article is designed to help you decide whether you are more suited to a gas or electric stove, by discussing the pros and cons of both types. The advantages of a Gas Stove. There are...

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Best Stove Top brands in HOB Best Stove Top brands

As discussed above, there are huge price differences between the stove tops at the very top of the range and those at the very bottom. For this reason, this part of the article is divided into three small sections, discussing the top of the range stoves, the middle of the range options, and the very cheapest hobs on the market. The Top of the Range Stove Tops and Hobs. When it comes to stove hobs,...

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