Gas versus Electric

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The biggest part of your decision is going to be whether to get a gas or an electric stove top. There are various advantages and disadvantages of each and this is not going to be a very easy decision. This part of the article is designed to help you decide whether you are more suited to a gas or electric stove, by discussing the pros and cons of both types.

The advantages of a Gas Stove

There are many advantages of a gas stove and they are fast becoming the trendy and popular option. Whilst electric hobs look modern and sleek, gas hobs have a nostalgic sense of older kitchens in them which appeals to many modern users. The gas hob is also, for many people, the best way to cook. Whilst electric hobs take time to heat up, gas hobs are hot instantly meaning that cooking can begin the moment you get in from work. On an electric hob changing the temperature can take time and lead to over boiling, whereas temperature change on a gas hob is instant. Finally, a gas hob can be cheaper than an electric oven, not only to buy but also to run. This is worth carrying out a lot of research into though as it does vary depending on your supplier and the type of oven you choose. Check out some of the many websites dedicating to pricing up the costs of gas vs electric ovens.

The advantages of the Electric Stove

Whilst the gas oven has the advantage when it comes to changing the temperature quickly, and may look like a nicer kitchen unit, the electric hob has other things going for it. The temperature control gauges on an electric hob are more precise, meaning that you can follow recipes directly by setting the temperature to exactly the level you want.

Further, the electric hob is several times easier to clear than a gas hob. Whilst cleaning gas hobs involves taking apart sections and washing them individually, getting greasy and dirty in the process, cleaning an electric hob is often as simple as wiping a work surface. For many it is this that makes the electric hob the preferred option. Finally, you may not have gas in your property, whilst every home in the UK and US will have electricity. Getting gas installed is likely to be expensive, so if you already have electricity but no gas then you will probably save a large amount of money by going for an electric hob.

Whichever you are leaning towards, don’t take this decision lightly. There are major differences between cooking on electric hobs and gas hobs and some cooks are adamant that they can only use one of the two. If you really aren’t sure it might be a good idea to experiment with both before you make your decision because as all good cooks know, choosing the right stove is of vital importance.

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