Best Stove Top brands

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As discussed above, there are huge price differences between the stove tops at the very top of the range and those at the very bottom. For this reason, this part of the article is divided into three small sections, discussing the top of the range stoves, the middle of the range options, and the very cheapest hobs on the market.

The Top of the Range Stove Tops and Hobs

When it comes to stove hobs, right at the top of the range is a company like Siemens, who offer some state of the art stove tops for a relatively high price. Their top models start at £600 but rise to over £800 for the very latest and biggest designs. Most designs have four ‘induction zones’ for pots and pans of various sizes. The best models also have a fantastic feature called ‘automatic pan recognition’ which detects whether pots and pans have been removed from the hob surface so that it can automatically shut of the power. It also detects instantly when a non-compatible object has been placed on it, immediately shutting off the power so that you don’t have any safety risks. Needless to say, these Siemens models all come in a generous size and feature excellent modern designs making them a good fit for any kitchen if you can afford one.

The Mid Range Stoves and Hobs

A good mid range option for a kitchen stove is the aptly named Stoves brand. Stoves oven tops cost somewhere in the region of £400 and have 4 hobs and a nice touch screen display so that you can change the heat intensity of your hobs. The models are sleep and usually come in all black to suit any kitchen. They are a reputable brand and can be trusted to provide reliable cooking facilities and last a decent length of time. They also have an easy to clear surface specifically designed to make your life easier. For a little less at around £300 there are some fancy gas models on the market too. A great company to consider here is Bosch, whose 5 hob stove tops cost just over £300 and look as sleek and classy as any kitchen oven. Of course, you can only take advantage of this if it’s a gas hob set that you’re after. Stoves on the other hand, offer both gas and electric models.

Stove Tops and Hobs on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, and you want functional rather than fancy for your new stove, then there are some great options at the cheaper end of the market. One company you should certainly consider here is Hotpoint, a reputable manufacturer of kitchen appliances who always offer some of the lowest prices on the market. Their 4 burner gas hob costs only £90 and is well reviewed by customers. A rival to Hotpoint are the cheaper Stoves models on the market which are more basic than the models discussed above. These come in at just over £100 and up to around £200 and there are options for both electric and gas here.

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