Where to buy a Hair Dryer ?


The final part of this article will discuss where you might buy your hair dryer once you have decided on which product is right for you. You have many options when it comes to hairdryers, ranging from the high street store to the online specialist.

Top Hair Dryers

If you’re really into your hairdressing or if you run a salon or are a mobile hair dresser, you’ll want a top of the range hair dryer. If its something like this you’re after then you might consider a hairdressing wholesaler such as Sally’s. These offer the best in blow drying technology and they are specially designed for professional use such as having long cords and cables so you can move around while blow drying. There are many local independent hair dressing wholesalers as well so check out what is in your area.

Buying a hair dryer on the High Street

On the high street there are many options for buying a hairdryer. There are pharmacies like Boots and Superdrug who will offer a huge range including many of the models discussed in this article. They also tend to cater for every price range so you should be confident that a visit to one of these stores will see you leaving with the product you want. It might be worth being aware that they may offer a greater range online than they do in store depending on the size of store you visit and the stock they have in at the time of purchase. If it’s a travel hairdryer you are after you might want to try electrical stores like Class Ohlson and Maplin as well as the large pharmacies. If you’re after a top end hairdryer you could also try asking in local hairdressers as they sometimes sell their recommended models. Its not a bad idea to ask your hairdresser for their advice anyway, if you want to try to recreate a professional salon look at home.

Buying online

You can of course buy your hairdryer online. There are several advantages of this option. Firstly, you will have a greater range available to you as many of the hair dryers offered online will not always be in stock in the stores. Further, you can compare deals and prices easily and check if one seller is offering a bigger discount than another. You can also use comparison sites an review sites to look into the best models and decide which brand of hairdryer is right for you. A website like Amazon is worth checking as they stock many brands of hairdryer at discounted prices. The Boots online store is also excellent as they offer you the full range of hairdryers and make it simple for you to compare the characteristics of each. If you are after one of the eco-friendly hairdryer discussed above then online might be your best bet as they are no so readily available on the high street.

Wherever you buy your hairdryer from, be sure to get the other products that you will need with it. These were discussed in section three of this article and can be found in any pharmacy or local drug store.

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