Best Hair Dryer brands


There are an awful lot of brands to think about when it comes to choosing a hair dryer and it can be a daunting prospect to sift through them all. The temptation is to buy the first model you see in your price range, but there is in fact quite a bit of difference between one model and another so it might be worth carrying out a small amount of research first. This part of the article will look at some of the main brands and discuss what they offer.

Ego Hairdryers

Towards the top of the range you might consider a hairdryer made by Ego. Their latest Model, the Ego Alter-Ego, is one of the best hairdryers on the market. Its ultra lightweight, has 8 different setting so that you can get the temperature right, and has a ‘cool shot function’ which can be used to dry hair with air force alone rather than heat. This protects the hair from the damage caused by exposure to intense heat. The hair dryer claims to be of professional quality and indeed it is used in some salons. This model is very much recommended, but it will cost you just over £100 from most vendors.


Down the price range a little are the Panasonic hair dryers, which are likely to cost around £60 for one of the better models. These are not quite as powerful as the Ego model and their latest model the Panasonic Nanoe has just 3 settings as well as the ‘cool shot function’. However, it does also come with a condenser nozzle, diffuser and a quick dry nozzle for fast and efficient drying of different styles of hair. The model was voted the best hairdryer by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2014 making in a safe bet for most buyers.


Another major company to consider is Remington, who have been in the hair business as long as anyone. Their hairdryers are a little cheaper than the other brands discussed here and you can get a good Remington dryer for as little as £30. Some of their models only have 2 settings so this is something to consider if you want to be very experimental with your blow drying. For most people though this will suffice. Remington hair dryers also often come in luxury packs with brushes, combs and attachments for a very reasonable price making them excellent presents.

Eco Hairdryers

For many, environmentally friendly products mean more than effectiveness. Hair dryers give off a lot of heat, especially on the hottest setting, and can cause significant damage to the environment and use a lot of electrical energy. In recent years many eco-friendly hair dryers have come on to the market to combat this. One major company is Parlux, who make a range of eco-friendly hair dryers that use less energy and are better for the environment. These dryers cost around £80.

Travel Hairdryers

Another thing to be aware of is travel hairdryers. These are lighter and easier to pack and travel with. They are also lighter and some are even battery powered so that you can dry your hair when you don’t have electricity sockets available. BaByliss are one company who make decent travel hairdryers and you can pick one up for only £10.

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