Best Electric fryer brands


As we’ve said, there’s a lot of competition for your business when it comes to buying a deep fat fryer. This guide will look at the fryers available in a range of price brackets so you can get the best model within your budget.

The Cheaper Electric Deep Fat Fryers

The cheapest electric fryers begin at the very low cost of around £15. These models are very basic, but are all safety approved and will do a basic job for a small amount of frying in one go. One such brand is Argos Value, who offer some of the cheapest models on the market and comes from a reputable seller. Other models at the lower end include those by Cookworks, whose electric fryers are slightly larger and cost around £20. All these models tend to come in a basic white shell which doesn’t make them the most appealing kitchen appliance. If you’re more concerned about the appearance of your product you might like to look at the cheaper models designed by Russell Hobbs, which cost around £30 but come in a sleeker stainless steel shell.

The Middle of the Range Electric Fryers

Most reputable brands of electric fryer make models in the middle price range, selling for somewhere between £45 and £80. There are a few main brans you ought to consider here. One of these is De Longhi, who produce some excellent models costing around £80. These are at the top of the mid-range fryers but they represent great value compared to the more expensive models discussed below and are a real rival to some more expensive products. Their models almost always get a great score on customer review sites and really do a great job. Another option here are some of the more expensive Russell Hobbs models costing around £45. The Russell Hobbs Digital Deep Fat Fryer Range are a step up from their cheaper models and compete with the rival mid-range models very well. A final mid-range brand to consider is Breville, whose models cost around £50 in general.

The Top of the Range Deep Fat Fryers

At the very top of the range you should be looking to spend somewhere close to or even above £200. Most of the companies discussed here, including Tefal, De Longhi and Breville, offer state of the art models of electric fryer as well as the cheaper models discussed above. One of the very top models is the Tefal Actifry 2-in-1, which not only cooks up to 1.5kg of crispy chips with just one spoonful of oil, but can also cook the steak, fish or chicken to go with them. The model has a rotating hot plate as well as the fryer so that can cook whole meals at once. It also requires no pre heating at all. This is fairly large though so it may be better suited to larger families and those cooking a lot of food at one time. A cheaper option is the De Longhi Multifry range, which can also cook many different products including pizzas, cakes and pies. This model is a lot cheaper and though its less easy on the yet, it probably represents better value at somewhere around £130.

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