How to choose a fridge?

Where to buy a fridge ? in FRIDGE Where to buy a fridge ?

The final part of this article will discuss where you might go to buy a fridge when you know what kind it is that you are after. The place of purchase largely comes down to how much you are going to spend on the fridge. Some stores like supermarkets tend to cater towards the lower end of the market, where as electrical stores and department stores will give you a greater range if you are looking...

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How to choose a ‘vintage’ fridge ? in FRIDGE How to choose a ‘vintage’ fridge ?

If you’re a modern man or woman and you’re having a new kitchen, one of the things you’ll probably consider in 2014 is whether to get a vintage fridge. This is something of a modern trend and many vintage fridges litter the pages of Pintrest and Instagram. Smeg. Perhaps this is a trend which owes much to Smeg, one of the more top end fridge brands who have been making fridges for

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Best Fridge Brands in FRIDGE Best Fridge Brands

The price range of fridge units is really huge. In general, fridges range from around £150 up to somewhere over £1000. You should think about what your budget is before you start your search as this is likely to inform the choice of brand that you go for. Top End. At the top end of the market for fridges you have got three main brands to choose from. These are Smeg, Siemens and Miele and they...

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