Best Fridge Brands


The price range of fridge units is really huge. In general, fridges range from around £150 up to somewhere over £1000. You should think about what your budget is before you start your search as this is likely to inform the choice of brand that you go for.

Top End

At the top end of the market for fridges you have got three main brands to choose from. These are Smeg, Siemens and Miele and they are expensive products for different reasons. Smeg fridges are designed in an old vintage style made to look like a fridge from the olden days with a modern twist and so these will be discussed in the next section of the article. The Miele fridge on the other hand is an ultra-modern construction that usually comes in chrome. These tend to cost nearly £1000 but they are worth every penny if this is in your budget. As well as having an excellent auto-defrost feature, these fridge have a very high energy rating making them safer for the environment and cheaper to run. They are also designed to maximise space and can fit up to 390 litres of foodstuffs. A slightly smaller competitor is Siemens, whose top end fridges are marginally cheaper at £800 or £900. These fridges look similar to the Miele models and have an equally impressive energy rating but tend to be slightly smaller in terms of capacity at around 346 litres. Choosing between these models may be a matter of assessing what deals are available at the time of purchase.

Mid Range

Down towards the middle range are brands like AEG, Bosch and Gorenje, whose fridges tend to be around £500 to £700. AEG fridges are reliable and come in a variety of styles to suit your kitchen they are a trustworthy brand. They tend to have a good capacity as well with the larger fridges holding up to 380 litres. For those looking for something a little more eye catching then Gorenje may be the place to start. These fridges are roughly £600 wherever you buy from and they come in a wide range of brilliant colours. These are essentially the cheaper version of Smeg fridges, at least when it comes to style. They are much smaller however, at only 255 litres, so this is something to be aware of if you are buying a fridge to cater for a very large family. Bosch fridges are also in this price range and they too can be trust and in fact have the best energy rating in general. However, these fridges are more basic and are perhaps not so easy on the eye.

Cheaper Options

Companies like Indesit, Essentials, Logik and Beko all offer much cheaper fridge options. These units start at around £150 or a little more, and in reality they are very decent units that will probably serve your purpose. These fridges, despite their cheaper price, still have a good energy rating and they usually perform almost as well as the more expensive models. The units may be slightly smaller, but apart from that the only real disadvantage of them is in the appearance stakes. Almost always white, these fridge units can be a bit of an eyesore, but considering the amount of money you stand to save, they are worth considering for those on a budget.

Mini Fridges

You might want to consider a ‘mini fridge.’ These can really range in style and size. Some are absolutely tiny and cost only around £30 from stores like Maplin. These little mini fridges are designed to hold a few cans of coke and some chocolate bars and therefore are popular in student’s halls and teenager’s bedrooms. Up a little in the range are larger mini-fridges designed specifically for beer. These are often a prized possession of football fans and armchair sports viewers and cost around £100 for the best models. They even come in various styles and designs to appeal to the sports fan and big beer drinker. Check out a website like, specifically dedicated to these products, to see the full range. There are of course wine cooler fridges as well, for the more refined alcohol consumer. For more information about these see our article on wine coolers.

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