Where to buy a freezer ?


The final part of this guide will discuss where you might go to buy a freezer once you have decided the type of freezer you are interested in and the brands that you would consider. This largely comes down to how much you are going to spend on your purchase as some stores tend to offer freezers in the low end of the price ranger whereas other specialize in more expensive products.


Surprisingly, supermarkets are a decent option when it comes to buying a freezer. They tend to offer the cheaper models such as the Indesit freezers discussed above. A large Tesco or Asda store will stock these freezers. Unlike ovens and cookers, you don’t need a great deal of installation to get your freezer up and running if you are going for a simply standalone model. This means that you really can just pick up your product and plug it in ready for use. This makes buying from a supermarket a pretty viable option. Remember that major supermarkets also offer online buying options and you may be able to secure a free or cheap delivery this way which is something to consider if your car is not going to be big enough to pick up your freezer.

Buying a freezer online

There are a large number of online stores that will sell you a range of freezers and arrange delivery of them for you. One such is Appliances Direct who are a reputable company with a wide range of freezers across the price range. The Curry’s website is also very eay to use and offers the full range of freezers from £150 right up to £2200. These sites allow you to easily compare models and make an informed decision as to which model is right for you.

High Street

Of course there are also some high street options such as Curry’s mentioned above, Argos and John Lewis. John Lewis offer products more towards the top end of the price scale where Argos cater for those after the cheaper models. Its worth checking websites first as there is a greater range of models available online than there will be in store.

Before you buy a freezer

Our advice would be to take a look at some price comparison sites before you choose the seller that you are going to buy from. Which.co.uk offers some comparison of specific brands and models, and there are various other websites dedicated to comparing freezer prices that you can access online. A bit of online research before you head to the shops will ensure that you have got the best price for the model that you choose. Its worth visiting more than one sellers website as well as different deals and discounts apply at different times. Getting the best value for money on a freezer unfortunately involves qi a bit of research into who is offering the best deals at the time of purchase.

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