How to choose a kitchen freezer ?


As discussed previously, there are really two main options when it comes to buying a freezer for your kitchen. The most common option for your everyday family home will be a fridge/freezer combined unit. These are either a double doored refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom and a fridge at the top, or a single foor refrigerator with a small freezer compartment at the top. The first of these options is preferable and this guide will advise on how to choose one of these first.

Standard Double Door Fridge/Freezers

The price range in fridge freezer units is nothing short of remarkable. Fridge freezers range from around £150 up to £2000. You should think about what your budget is before you start your search as this is likely to inform the choice of brand that you go for.

Top End

Right at the top end you have got two main brands to choose from. These are Smeg and Miele and they are expensive products for different reasons. Smeg fridges are famous for their style and colouring, and a Smeg fridge freezer is likely to draw praise from any guest in your kitchen. They are of course superb products as well, as you’d expect from the price tag of almost £2000. Miele on the other hand specialize in the modern rather than the vintage style. Miele fridges are similarly prices but completely different in style. They are large monochrome units which look modern and will be at home in a new fitted kitchen. These fridges have fantastic energy rating, large amounts of storage space and frost-free freezers making them easy to use and perfect for large families.

Mid Range

Down towards the middle range are brands like AEG, whose fridges tend to be under the £800 mark. AEG fridge freezers are reliable and come in a variety of styles to suit your kitchen and their a brand you can trust if you’re looking to spend a mid range budget. There are a large amount of companies offering similar fridges in the £400 to £800 range and there is often little to choose between them. These brands include Siemens, Samsung, Bosch and Hotpoint. Often it will come down to personal choice, or to which fridge freezer you can get the best deal on, because these units do tend to be relatively similar and all come with a secure warrantee from a reputable manufacturer.

Cheaper Options

Companies like Indesit, Essentials, Logik and Beko all offer much cheaper fridge freezer options. These units start at around £150 or a little more, and in reality they are very decent units that will probably serve your purpose. These fridge freezers, despite their cheaper price, still have a good energy rating and they usually perform almost as well as the more expensive models. The units may be slightly smaller, but apart from that the only real disadvantage of them is in the appearance stakes. Almost always white, these fridge freezer units can be a bit of an eyesore, but considering the amount of money you stand to save, they are worth considering for those on a budget.

Single Door Fridges with Freezer

If you’re kitchen is very small you might want to consider another option, a half-size fridge with a small freezer compartment inside. The advantage of this is that it only takes up half the space, meaning it can sit below your worktop and maximize the space you have for food preparation. The downside is that you will only have a very small freezer compartment.

Half Size Freezer

One final thing to be aware of is that there are also half size freezers available, so if you have a fridge already you may want to consider a smaller freezer that sits underneath your worktop like the fridge freezer discussed above. One company offering affordable smaller freezers is Indesit who have received great customer reviews for this specific product.

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