How to choose a chest freezer ?


If you’re going to be freezing a lot of food and drinks, or you have a large family or household, you might want to consider a chest freezer. These are much larger units which are not really suitable for a kitchen. Usually you will keep a chest freezer in your garage or in a spare room such as a laundry room. A chest freezer is great if you are catering on a large scale, for parties or anything of the like.

Small Ones

A small chest freezer is about 60 litres in size and in fact this unit can fit in a kitchen without taking up too much space or being an eyesore. These units cost around £200 and are made by companies such as Indesit who manufacture freezers towards the bottom end of the price scale. If you notice your freezer overflowing often and you have spare space then this might be the option for you.

Regular Chest Freezers

The norm however, is a much larger chest freezer, and these store from 200 litres right up towards 300 litres. There are a large number of companies offering such products, including many of those discussed above such as Miele and Bosch. For these more reputable brands you’re looking at spending something between £400 and £600. They all come with a great energy rating as well as a secure two year warrantee, though you will need to make sure this is in place with whoever you buy from as you want to ensure that you will have sufficient help with your product if anything goes wrong after purchase.

Bear in mind that chest freezers are really for people who have already got a standard freezer and have found that it is insufficient for them, so it might be worth looking at those options first. Indeed, many people choose to upgrade their kitchen freezer rather than add a chest freezer to the white goods in their home.

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