Giant Home Entertainment Smart TV Systems (subject of your choice)


When you start researching you’ll see that you can buy a Smart TV for as much as £35000. This is obviously an incredible amount to spend but you are essentially buying a home cinema for this price.


One model is the quad core Samsung Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV This boasts that tit ‘lets you experience entertainment like never before’. It has a super 4K resolution which is 4 times sharper than normal HD and it has a 1000 Hz processing rate which is as fast as any Smart TV. The TV also comes with a 5-speaker surround sound system and all of the features of a Smart TV discussed above only on an absolutely giant 85 inch screen which takes its inspiration from a canvas on a easel. The model costs a staggering £35000.

LG smart TV

For somewhat less at £20000 you can buy an LG model with a 77 inch screen. It is similar to the much more expensive Samsung model and is probably better value for money. It comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses whereas the Samsung TV comes with 4 pairs. The screen is curved which may appeal to some but not others. It has a similar processing speed and even has a built in web cam which means you can talk on Skype directly from your sofa. It does not have the 5 speaker surround sound system that the above model boasts.

Coming down again you can buy an 85 inch TV from LG, Samsung or Sony without the surround sound facility for somewhere between £5000 and £7000. These are very similar to the TVs discussed above at the top of the range in the normal price range, only they are much larger. Despite not having surround sound speakers, these TVs do still have excellent quality sound and will probably suffice for most people looking to imitate the cinema environment in their own living room.

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