Best Smart TV brands for the average home


This part of the guide will discuss the brands you should consider when buying a TV for your home. It will not treat the Smart TVs worth over £3000 as these are treated below. This part of the guide is designed to help those with a normal budget choose a Smart TV that is right for them. It will briefly introduce the main brands worth considering and some of the features you can expect to get in your price range.

The Top of the Range Models

In the £2000 to £3000 range there are three main companies you should be considering. These are Sony, LG and Samsung. All these manufacturers are reputable and trustworthy and will provide you with a great quality of Smart TV. For this sort of price you should be able to get a 55 or 65 inch Smart TV with full Catch-Up TV capacity and access to the App Store which is crucial. It is this App Store which allows you to download all your Apps for Netflix, YouTube, LoveFilm and anything else you might want to access, so make sure your TV has this feature.

All these TVs should have 3D TV capacity. You should also decide between Active 3D and Passive 3D. There is no categorical answer as to which of these is better as they use different technologies. Passive TV is newer and may be the future of 3D technology, but there are still some defenders of Active 3D TVs as well. Do a bit of research into this as you are spending a lot of money and want to get the choice right. The best think you can do is try both types (which have different types of glasses) and decide which you prefer. You should also think about whether a ‘curved’ screen is preferable to you as some of the models in this price range feature this screen.

Mid-Range Smart TVs

If you are willing to sacrifice a little on the speed of the processor, making the machine a little slower, and the quality of HD, making the picture a little less sharp, then you can come right down towards the £1000 mark. TVs in the £1000 to £2000 range can still be large, up to 65 inches, but you’re sacrificing a little on quality. These TVs though are still amazing products and some people claim they can’t see the difference between the ‘4k Ultra HD’ TVs like those above and the normal HD quality TV sets.

Cheaper Smart TV Options

If you come down in price to below the £500 mark you can still buy a great Smart TV. However, in this price range you are looking at generally slightly smaller models. The TVs in this price range are usually 42 inches in size as a maximum. There are more brands available to you here as well and companies such as Panasonic and Toshiba.

These TVs are much slower in their processing rate. They are actually dozens of times slower than the models discussed above. However, they still come with HD quality images and the capacity to stream films and programs direct from the internet. Many of the TVs in this price range don’t have access to the App Store which means although they can watch YouTube and Iplayer they do not have the full range of Apps that the other models have.

You can find cheaper Smart TVs that do have this feature though so we would recommend making sure you chose one that does. If you’re prepared to go smaller and have a 32 inch TV then you can save further money and pick up a decent model by one of these manufacturers for as little as £220.

Last update: 24/02/2020 on 22:55. All prices are updated daily.