Where to buy a TV ?


The final part of this article will be dedicated to discussing where you can buy a TV from. There are a number of options worth considering here. These are broadly split into two groups: you can either order online or you can buy directly a store. There are a fair few high street stores selling TVs at good prices, so this might be your first port of call if you are keen to take your TV home immediately. If you’ve got time or you have a decent TV already and are just looking to upgrade, then perhaps you can take the time to seek out better deals and prices online.

Buying a TV on the High Street

There are a number of high street sotres to consider when it comes to choosing a television. The first thing to think about is whether you are looking for a standard TV at a good price od whether you want to a top of the range TV.

If its one of the better models you are after then your first port of call should be John Lewis. Their electronics department is considerably better than you might think. They have television experts on hand and sell everything right up to the state of the art home cinema systems that set you back upwards of £5000. The cheapest TVs in John Lewis cost around £200 which is still very good value. They don’t only stock Smart TVs which gives you a better sense of whats out there as well.

If you’re looking for a good TV at a snip you should think about Argos. They offer some of the less famous brands discussed in the article above as well as the top TVs made by Sony and Samsung. Its worth remembering that Argos also offer a home delivery service and online ordering. Between the two are Currys and PC World who offer some great mid-range TVs. There is also Maplin who offer a few cheaper options and CEX who sell second hand TVs that come with a guarantee if you want to save a bit of money.

Buying a TV Online

When buying online you have two main options. You can visit the manufacturers website directly. This is a good option if you have a particular model in mind as independent sellers don’t stock every model of television. You can also get exclusive deals and great offers when you go direct to the manufacturer so its worth checking these out too.

Your other option is to go through an independent online vendor such as Play or Amazon. These sites often offer good prices and free delivery, but you miss out on seeing your TV beforehand. The picture quality does change from one model to the next and people often have individual preferences for one model over another so there is no substitute for visiting a store and seeing your TV in action before you make this important purchase.

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