What are the best flat screen tv brands ?


There are a huge number of TV brands, many of which are famous household names. These include Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and LG. There are also newer producers of television sets such as Linsar who are coming into their own in the TV market and offering serious competition. The brand of TV you will want to look at will largely depend on the price range, so this part of the guide will be divided to suit different budgets.

The Top of the Range TV sets

If you’re prepared to spend upwards of £3000 you are looking at being able to purchase a TV somewhere above the 60 inch size. These are giant screens giving you many of the benefits of a home cinema from the comfort of your own home. All these TVs are Smart (see the next section), many come with surround sound speaker systems and all come with amazing HD quality. At the very top of the range your TV will also come with the capacity to play 3D films, television programs and sports, and they will come with several pairs of 3D glasses as well. Top companies to consider here include Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, though its fairly agreed upon that Samsun and Sony are the two manufacturers offering the best products here.

The mid-range TVs

For most the home cinema system will not be a priority, and for many even a Smart TV may seem like an unnecessary extra. For those who want a standard living room size TV of between 28 and 36 inches, there are some very good value options available outside the Smart TV range. Again, your two best brands are Sony and Samsung. For something like £210 to £250 you can get a great LED and HD TV which comes with HD Freeview. These televisions offer excellent quality and whilst they don’t have the streaming and internet capacities of a Smart TV they are at least £100 less than a Smart TV of equivalent size so they are well worth considering.

Cheaper TV Options

If you want to get a TV whilst parting with as little cash as possible then you’ve got two main options. You can either come down in price or come down in brand. Companies like LG and Sony offer some great TVs under the £150 mark but you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of screen size and come down to something like a 22 inch screen. If branding isn’t important to you or you might be willing to lose a little in terms ot the TVs aesthetic or performance, then you could look at less well known brands such as Proscan, who offer a great 32 inch television for only £160, some £200 to £300 cheaper than a Smart TV of that size. A middle ground is a company like Bush or Toshiba, who offer models to rival the Sony and Samsung non-Smart TVs.

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