Should you be paying the extra for a Smart TV?


These days any professional will advise you to pay the extra and get a Smart TV. The issue is that the professionals giving you this advice are largely those selling Smart TVs. Even if they aren’t, the people giving this advice are those who gets lots out of having a Smart TV. But does this mean that everyone will get a lot out of a Smart TV? This section of the article is dedicated to this question. A Smart TV does not come cheap, so the article will discuss whether or paying the extra is going to be something that’s right for you.

Features of a Smart TV

In essence, a Smart Television it is best thought of as a mixture between a TV, a set top box and a computer. They allow you to access files through hard drives, memory sticks, or even through internet storage software such as google or dropbox. A Smart TV lets you watch films that you have downloaded and access the internet directly. With a TV like this you can stream from websites such as YouTube but also from film sites such as Netflix and LoveFilm. They can also run Iplayer, 4od and other TV catch-up programs. Today most Smart TVs come with social media capacities as well so if you’re into Facebook and Twitter you’ll be able access your newsfeeds and conversations via your TV.

Why wouldn’t you want this?

This all sounds great, but is it necessary for everyone? There are some for whom these features are simply not worth paying the extra for. If you have an excellent computer you may feel you don’t need your TV to offer you things you are getting from your laptop or PC. If you are a collector of films you may not need streaming services to watch your favourite DVDs or Blu-Rays. If you aren’t after a Smart TV then remember that you can still buy a state of the art TV with amazing HD quality and a giant screen. This can give you excellent quality film and TV viewing experiences just without the mod cons of a Smart TV. If you’re after a normal TV experience at high quality then you can save a fortune by not buying a Smart TV.

What a Smart TV is really good for.

A Smart TV, in reality, is not a computer. Some of its features are far better than others. Watching films from a memory stick is great for some and it can save you time and money. However, despite what the vendors and manufactures claim, social media and internet browsing is not a genuine strong point of these TVs. Access to the internet via the TV is in reality very slow and poor as the browser is nowhere near as good as computer browser. Searching for things on Google using your remote takes as long as loading up a computer and doing it from there. The Smart TV is great for programs like Netflix and LoveFilm, or for using Iplayer and 4od, but that’s essentially all you are getting from it. It’s a great product and makes TV viewing easier, but its still a TV and not the all-in-one system it pretends to be.

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