Where to buy a Fan ?

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The final part of this article is dedicated to discussing where you can go to buy a fan from in order to get the best value for money and take advantage of the best deals. Of course, this largely depends on what type of fan you are after, so consider the advice given above and make that choice first.

Ceiling Fans

If you want a ceiling fan, you can do a lot worse than looking at the models on offer at Tesco. This is perhaps something of a surprise choice, and indeed most general Tesco stores wont stock fans, but if you do online you’ll be able to take advantage of their full range and delivery. Other places to consider include home stores like Halfords and B and Q. You can also order online from a variety of vendors. Make sure you check delivery costs and whether you will need to have your fan installed be a professional as these can both be invisible additions to the cost.

Standalone Fans

If it’s a standalone fan that you want then you have more options, as you can simply go to a store and drive away with a fan ready to set up and use. There are many vendors on the high street for these type of fans. For the top range you should consider somewhere like John Lewis who stock all the Dyson fans and other top end products. For the lower end fans you might want to consider somewhere like Argos. With Argos it is most sensible to order it to the store online first as they do not always have the stock that you want in every store.

Desk Fans

Desk fans are easy to get your hands on. You can pick one up in Argos or John Lewis as discussed above, but you can also get these fans in any electric store like Currys. A good option is Maplin who offer some excellent Desktop fans at a very good price.

USB Fans

Predictably, the best place for a USB Fan is a computer store. Maplin and PC World are two stores offering a decent selection of these fans for under £15. These are light and easy to carry and transport, meaning you can also order one online with a low delivery cost. Amazon and Ebay are both viable options, though you should be sure to check the reputation of the seller in both cases.

Handheld Fans

Finally, handheld fans are both easy and difficult to get your hands on. They are stocked almost everywhere, from Boots and Superdrug to Tesco and Asda. However, they are often season and may not be available when you drop in. Halfords are a great bet too and sell a decent model for only 50p! Ordering online is also cheap though, and means you will avoid disappointment if your fan is not in stock.

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